Chime Studio
Chime Studio


Chime Recording Studio is based in Glasgow, 5 mins away from Cowcaddens subway station.

We offer 64-track Pro-Tools recording. High End outboard effects and processors, and all the top plugins and softsynths you would expect.

Bands That Have Recorded at Chime

- Fat Goth

- Thin Privilege

- United Fruit

- Poor Things

- Salo

- Fatalists

- We Are The Physics

- Dananananaykroyd

- Ex-Wives

- Copy Haho

- Trapped in Kansas

- Mondegreen

Record Labels we have worked with -

- One Records

- Big Scary Monsters

- Moshi-Moshi Records

- K-Scope

- Jealous Records

- Radio is Down (USA)

- Magnetic Records (JP)

- Gama Proforma

- Struggletown