Chime Studio
Chime Studio

Welcome to Chime Recording Studio.

Chime Recording Studio provides professional affordable recordings.  We work with a wide range of clients from Indie music to Jazz and from Rock music to Folk music. We work with major record labels as well as self financed musicians. Whether you need a demo, single, EP or a fully produced album, Chime Recording Studio has been the right choice since we opened for business in 2005.

- 40 Channel / 80 Input Inline Mixing Console
- ProTools v12
- Lynx Aurora 192K Interface
- High End Pre-amps & Valve Compressors
- Tape Echo. Reverbs, Delays, Multi-Fx
- Large High End Microphone Collection
- Guitar Amps/Bass Amps/Pedals
- Drum Kits/Synths
- Multitrack Recording
- Live Recording
- Mixing/Tracking/Re-Mixing
- Mastering
- Midi Programming
- Analog to Digital Conversion/Restoration